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Your Instagram Marketing Tips To Help People Fall For WordPress Business

Your Instagram Marketing Tips To Help People Fall For WordPress Business

Why do you think Instagram is so amazing? Some points might help you clarify the answer well. There are over 800 million users on IG on a daily basis. There isn’t any character limits and the matter is all about visual content. Your posts won’t get buried just like on Twitter or FB. Furthermore, you have companies on IG receiving highest form of follower engagement rates, which is around 2.3% out of other social media platforms. The services are 100% mobile based. It is a perfect opportunity to show personality well. Instagram based themes and IG services are fantastic for those companies with promising e-commerce offerings, creative portfolios and so much more.

So, if you want to make up for the IG theme for WP website, then you better get aware of the Instagram marketing tips first, to help people fall for your WordPress business.

Instagram based integration:

Before you get yourself carried away with the things you can do on IG account, don’t just forget to weave the IG’s presence into WP site. In case you have made by your mind to make some impression on IG, avoid leaving your photos to sit over there. You can always use any number of WP plugins to get the perfect Instagram Feed up on site in no time at all as mentioned in https://gramblast.com.

Your bio need some love:

Turning attention back to IG page, your first look will be at bio. You have to always use similar approach on how you can easily set up social media bio. Some tips might help you big time on that.

  • Add a high quality photo as your profile picture. If the page is meant for your brand, then you can use logo. In case it is not, use headshot or anything else eye catching which will align with the style of company.
  • You should head for an interesting and concise bio. You might further add emojis and hash tags within bio. Has tags will help people to find profile in search, and emojis are used for that extra personality.
  • This place is the only one which becomes clickable. So, always just make it count. You can try using company’s URL to start off include portfolio page if you are a designer. Once you have something specific to promote like new product launch or launch page, make sure to update bio with the new links.

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Always be creative with your photos:

You cannot just rely on the IG theme for your WordPress pages, if you don’t know how to work your way out with creative photos. If the main cause to use IG is to promote brand presence, there are so many ways you can work with your photos.


  • You can post pictures of your products. Generally, it is going to be product shots that you cannot found on site. You can even post pictures of services in action with real people using them.
  • Post pictures from inside of company to show the human face right behind it. You can even post photos from local area. You might have gone for walk at lunch and discovered new gyro stand. If you are planning to drum local business, these personal moments might prove to be relatable #af!

In case of the main pictures, there are so many rules for you to follow. For the starters out there, never publish photos that you are not proud of. They need to be high-res and reflective of company’s work, values and personality. Moreover, do not just get crazy with filters unless you get to enhance photos and keep the same in line with overall branding style.

Try to be a tease:

Mainly because IG makes it tricky to promote the content as found on site that does not mean you have to avoid it completely. You can even try posting teasers from upcoming article you have worked on about web designing trends, which will be affecting hospitality industry. Or, if you want, you can easily show off some super slick pictures of new product, which is yet to get announced but want your IG followers to get a slight bit of its taste. Always remember, it is your space. So, you can drum up interest whenever you want to see it fit.

Use a video and try telling a story:

The WP site is not the only place for your videos only. Instagram now allows a space for videos and even help you take advantage of live videos. Moreover, if you ever spent time scrolling through IG on phone and wondered what those bubbles up for right at the top, those are actually IG stories. Companies and people alike will show their capture videos and photos throughout day. It is more like the short live videos of Facebook, only without the “live” option to it. If you are planning to use this tactic to put your content upfront, always remember to add a CTA or compelling message with it directly.

Watermark photos:

You have to know how to protect your IG photos from theft, if you post photos on IG from professional portfolio or they belong to your firm in any way, you might add brand watermark to those pictures. This way, if the people want to steal photos or if others just want to share them because it looks cool, anyone seeing them will know about the photos’ invention area.

Do not forget to add CTA:

For some of the specified IG posts, you might not be able to add Call to Action naturally but that’s ok. Having an IG profile is the great way to promote brand. But, if you are lucky enough to weave in a CTA or redirect followers over URL as located in your bio, then don’t miss that chance and do it! If you can place CTA right on top of videos and photo, then it is better.

Following these simple points will help people to fall in love with your WP website as only IG based theme is not enough these days!

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