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Where can I get best resale value for my phone

Where can I get best resale value for my phone

Living in 21st century, where everything revolves around technology, everyone wants to be in a position where any individual can flaunt his/her gadget. Mobile Phones are the easiest source for flaunting now-a-days and this is where a strategy stands in first place than any other element that could entice audience. Every year, each brand produce more than one new product with minor changes in a way that could gather much more audience. Now the flaunting part starts, where audience easily be convinced by the product and want to change the gadget sooner in order to stand out in a society. So for any buyer who wants to buy a new gadget has very first concern regarding his old phone that is to sell my mobile phone for best price and with a guarantee. Seller making more strategies bid higher rates for the product which in-directly targets the old phone audience carries.

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In order to buy a new phone, one must sell the previous one, this is where the story begins. The bargains, exchanges and much more. But there is a proper line of attack in selling a phone which includes the protection of phone. What is the remaining life of phone? No inside and outside scratch on the originality of phone. Is back cover or protector actually protecting the phone? Buyer always go-through such basic question while buying a new phone. It depends on seller how he portrays and show-off his item to be sale. Also the efficient element that is which brand is selling and on which amount. People are more brand conscious specifically for mobile phones. Actually Mobile phones are selling on just the name of brand.

If we talk about UK’s mobile industry then it has a strong and fierce competition o selling mobile phones and buying second-hand phone. There are any observes at say that Mobile Phones in UK are set to be cheaper but actually they are targeting and competing with the actual price of mobile phones. Amazon in know-to-be the best online selling website which has many columns and filters for the audience  to buy a second hand gadget. In order to sell a fine-conditioned phone the very first thing to analyze is that whether I want to sell my mobile phone online or sell my phone in market hand-to-hand. Today, everything is under control by technology which has made things easier for people in the world. rather than stepping out of home, people are using internet, online websites for their products. Instead of running from door-to-door people are getting benefits from the technology. So if anyone wants to sale his phone online then, Amazon UK should be the first most option that need to be listed. But before putting an item on Amazon, market visit is the fore-most concern in order to bid the reasonable price. Ever filter that just pop-up on screen helps not only buyer but also seller in order to sell a fine phone but adding the pros and condition of phone. Resale value depends on the demand of phone in particular time, the need of phone and the demand of buyer for the gadget.

Let’s take an example of Apple. Apple is known as the strongest industry that not sells mobile phones with higher rates but also consumed loyal customers. Apple loyalist buy new Apple phone day after it launch officially. The industry of Apply run by one rule that is not to decrease the amount of pervious one when new one is launching. Even after IPhone-X, the price of IPhone 7 still revolves around  375-400 pounds. They are not earning from the new product nut also from their previous launches that is still at higher rates. Androids lifetime is much lesser than Apple. The moment new android launches, the price of old launch automatically decreases which also target the resale value of phone. Let’s say I want to sell my iPhone 6 plus 128gb, and buy a new one it only takes few more money as reselling an Iphone never give you more loss, this is why it is known to be an investment for common people too. once they buy an Iphone, and whenever they want to sell it, it will give them a bunch of good money that will help them to get a new one easily by adding few more money. If I am having an android like Samsung or one plus and I want a new one. I want to sell my OnePlus 3 or I want to sell my galaxy s5,  it will definitely not marking up to the level of Iphone as selling an androids ad buying a new Android required a lot of money to add on.

This is why brand is important for re-selling a mobile phone. The best resale value could decide by the brand name of the product, and how much brand name is in the fashion. If it’s an iPhone then resale value could adjust the barely little loss. But it it’s an Android like MI, VIVO then getting a good and fine resale value is a hard nut to crack. But in order to get a better price, one must need to learn the art of selling products then even if you have and average phone you can get a good and affordable price. it is the seller ho is sailing the boat and he could take anywhere he wanted to take his buyer. It’s totally in his hands.

So, a mobile phone with a better condition, acceptable features, brand name, and with the fine words of seller and understanding of market price, one can get a good and reasonable resale value.If my pone has all of these quality an features then of course I will have a good and maybe best else value for it that can help me to buy a new one easily. All I need is to take a good care of my phone and display it in a better way to sell it. – Raj Malhotra


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