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Webroot SecureAnywhere : Password request cannot be processed (Error).

UPW003 Webroot SecureAnywhere Error Reset password request cannot Be Processed with the presence of the Webroot – for the proper installation of the Webroot SecureAnywhere on your computers and devices, you need to create a Webroot Account to successfully use all the complete features of the Webroot Antivirus Security. But, some of the times the user may encounter with Webroot Account related issue. When the error is related with the password of the account, one may look out. One such Webroot error is:

Webroot SecureAnywhere Error UPW003:  Password request cannot be processed.


There could be many possible reasons for Webroot SecureAnywhere Error UPW003 on your device. Some of the common causes are listed below, you can use these points to avoid this error for future use.

  • First of all, you need to check Webroot Account you have created is confirmed or not.
  • You need to ensure the valid credentials while resetting the account. Trying the wrong credentials for too many times can block your Webroot Account.
  • Some Webroot antivirus is causing the issue where the device is unable to access your Webroot Online Account and showing you Webroot SecureAnywhere Error UPW003.
  • The Webroot Security software on your device is outdated. You need to install the new updates to remove the possible error.

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It’s very easy to create a Webroot account. But the below the point you should take care before starting the process of creating the Account.

  • Open any web browser of your choice, go to the Webroot Sign Up
  • On the page, click on Create Account button.
  • Here you need to fill out the given information about the registration details carefully.
  • Carefully, enter your Webroot Product Key available with the back of the retail card.
  • Next step you need to enter your email address, this email address also work as your username.
  • Type in the strong password with alphanumeric and re-enter the same to verify it.
  • Now create your security question, this code could be a number, word or both.
  • In case you forget your password and face Webroot SecureAnywhere Error UPW003, then you need to enter your security question answer to re-login the account.
  • Now click on the Register Now button once you are ready.

Now your Webroot Account is ready to use, you just need to confirm it. Follow these steps to confirm your newly created Webroot Account.

  • Open your email account and check the inbox for the email received from the Webroot.
  • In the inbox, navigate to the email received from the Webroot Security.
  • Open that email and read the instruction carefully.
  • You will also find a Confirmation link inside, just click on this link.
  • Enter the Personal Security Code that you generated when you created the account.
  • Click on Confirm Register Now button and now you are good to use your Webroot account.

With the help of the steps given above for installing the Webroot Account then it is highly unlikely to face Webroot SecureAnywhere Error UPW003.


The above-listed method if keep on showing Webroot SecureAnywhere Error UPW003. You need to call the customer support as soon as possible to fix this error. Otherwise, you will not be able to use your Webroot Security on your computer system. Webroot SecureAnywhere Password request cannot Processed and Webroot com safe at Webroot.com/Safe.


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