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webroot.com/safe – Mobile Security Questions Answers

Mobile devices having all: phone calls, games, internet browsing, video conferencing. The problem is that all the work of the PC, a mobile can do now, then how we can protect our data from the E-thieves.

The e-thieves motive is to attack those peoples those who are having poor mobile security, and you have to be very strong with your first defence which is your malware protection.

Most of the users want to know about the best ways to stay protected while on the mobile phone, here we are discussing some of the common mobile security questions.

1. How do I know if install app is safe?

A lot of rogue apps done the work of hijacking phones and make our phone to get pop up messages almost daily. How to protect from such hijacking tricks.

  • Always download apps from official app stores like App Store from Apple or Google’s Play Store only.
  • Read the user reviews. This will gives you an idea regarding the working of the app and its features.
  • Check out the developer. You need to have a close eye on the developer of the app like Rovio makes Angry Birds Space; if you’re downloading the game from OMGhahaPWNDu, then you will regret.
  • Install a mobile security app it will help you to differentiate between the good and bad apps.

2. Do we need to worry about the safe app?

Most free apps come by displaying messages from third-party ad networks. Fortunately, if you’ve installing anything in your mobile make sure a mobile security app as we suggested is already installed, this will stop such rogue code to get installed in your mobile.

3. Does my smartphone need anti-virus protection?

Yes, Webroot.com/safe offers mobile security apps for both Android and iOS devices.

4. Is every internet connection safe?

No! Your mobile carrier’s 3G or 4G network is relatively secure, but Wi-Fi hotspots are where hacking takes place. Hacker on the same Wi-Fi network will try to grab any data you send right out of the air, and that’s no joke. Don’t mess around with any Wi-Fi network, if you’re not on 3G, 4G or a trusted, secure Wi-Fi network.

Garry, he has been making the people aware of the security threats from so long to make the internet a safer place to browse on. His passion is to write about Cybersecurity, Antivirus, malware, social networking, internet, and new media. He does write for Webroot Antivirus Product at webroot.com/safe.

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