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Webroot.com/safe: Attack via Bluetooth on Mobile Security

webroot.com/safe: Keep your phone safe against Bluetooth attacks

Bluetooth is a wireless technology for the hands-free phones to connect your phone to audio, navigation, and electronics through a wireless system. This device Bluetooth is used for the comfort to receive phone calls when you are not free from hand, it does come with the security risks. Most of the issues which are associated with the Bluetooth till now have been resolved but some remain. Always install Webroot Mobile Security Software in your Mobile device from www.webroot.com/safe.

Below we are discussing some of the issues, in which mobile security faces threats via Bluetooth and makes us helpless.

General software Issues

Software in Bluetooth devices—especially with the Bluetooth 5 specification which is not working properly. Its Really unheard and software is not able to do anything in it.

How we can save our Bluetooth from attackers: Switch off your Bluetooth when you’re not using it.


It’s all about wireless communication. Bluetooth encryption is basically doing the work of stopping the criminals from listening to your phone calls.

In other words, eavesdropping shouldn’t be a problem with the outdated version they used the services of unpatched security holes.

 Solution: always use the Bluetooth devices with the latest versions and protocols.

Denial of service

Malicious attackers usually crash your devices, block all the receiving calls and drain your battery at a very high speed..

Solution: Again, switch off your Bluetooth when you’re not using it.

Bluetooth range is greater than you think

Bluetooth is designed to get the connectivity upto few feets that’s why it is called a “personal area network.”. if it is more than those few feets then Bluetooth should not be accessible.

If you think you are safe, if you think by just making the distance between the hacker and you. They known to use directional, high-gain antennas to communicate over much greater distances successfully.

Solution: Once again, switch off your Bluetooth when not in use!

Bluetooth headsets

There are many serious flaws in the Bluetooth headsets through which attackers listen to your conversations with the people around you, not just your phone calls. But other Bluetooth built in devices.

Then this device becomes a mobile bugging device, it record and transmit everything it hears to an attacker.

Solution: switch off your Bluetooth.

Garry, he has been making people aware of security threats from so long, to make the internet a safer place to browse on. His passion is to write about Cybersecurity, Antivirus, malware, social networking, internet, and new media. He writes for Webroot security products at www.webroot.com/safe.

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