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Webroot.com/safe – Activate New Key Code

How to activate Webroot Keycode without any error? You can find keycode inside Webroot SecureAnywhere retail pack for Windows and for Mac as follows:

  • Open the Webroot Official website and go to my account window.
  • Open the activate the Webroot SecureAnywhere by using the keycode.

Redownload Webroot or get your keycode

Webroot customers can re-download and re-install software without paying anything extra duration the subscription period as based on the original date of purchase. You only need to enter your last name and email address if you already have the keycode and only need to reinstall the software. To link to the download the software you need to check the box to receive an email regarding the complete installation process.


Here are some keycode tips for you

  • Please register your product here in case you bought it from a retail shop.
  • In case the email address has changed please enter the one at the time of your procurement here.
  • Search for “Webroot sales” in your email inbox for Webroot receipt and instructions which help you to carry out installation or re-installation of the software.


Visit webroot.com/safe and get hold of a skilled technician now.


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