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VPS Vs Dedicated Hosting | Which is best for medium sized business?

VPS Vs Dedicated Hosting | Which is best for medium sized business?

Selecting the right web hosting provider to host your website is a big decision. However, you can’t imagine to get your website online without a hosting provider, because you won’t get space to store your website files and data. So, getting a web hosting provider is important for online presence.

Similarly, while buying a hosting service you will get several options in hosting such as VPS, Dedicated, Shared, Cloud, WordPress, etc. But which one is best for your website is the question you might face while buying the hosting service for your medium sized business. In this post, we will compare these two hosting solutions for easy decision making process.

VPS (Virtual Private Server)

Linux VPS Hosting is parallel to shared hosting in that your website is sharing the server with other users. But VPS is slightly different from shared hosting because server is separated into different virtualized server environments. All users get separate resources such as own storage system, operating system, dedicated RAM and CPU.

VPS not only offers standard resources but also offers extra resources as a backup to avoid sudden crisis. You can take example of row house, where you are a owner of one row house and that area is shared with other residents. All residents are responsible for their space usage without bothering about other residents. They individually pay all their expenses such as electricity, water and other maintenance cost.


  • Safe

For proper segmentation, the hosting provider installs a layer of software that determines this part is allocated to you. You get a new server which is safe and secure and separate from other customers.

  • Fast:

It gives best performance in comparison to shared hosting. Because of sole ownership, you enjoy best performance and high speed.

  • Root server access:

You can customize the server as per your demand as you have full control over your hosting environment.

  • Scalable:

You can switch to VPS to experience a better performance. Likewise, you get scalable feature in VPS to scale the resources, when your server starts growing over a time.

My Recommendation: MilesWeb

You can trust and consider MilesWeb for VPS hosting because all their plans are powered by DigitalOcean Managed VPS and available in several sizes with technical components and cloud infrastructure with build – in SSD storage. Check below pricing of VPS plans:

VPS pricing

Features offered by MilesWeb VPS:

  • Cloud Infrastructure
  • Solid – state drives
  • Free VPS management
  • SSH and Root access
  • Global datacenters
  • Free VPS migration
  • Host multiple websites
  • No set up fee
  • Robust infrastructure
  • Instant upgrade
  • 95% uptime

You can contact their support team via chat, email and phone to know more about VPS plans. Their team is present 24*7*365 days to help you. They also offer Windows VPS plan and you can check their plans on the website.

Dedicated Hosting

A dedicated server is exactly opposite to VPS hosting. In dedicated hosting, your website is stored on a single physical server that is dedicated only to you. You don’t share the server with other users and you can configure the hosting environments as per your demand.

This kind of hosting solution is quite expensive and it is 100% assured that you will get a best performance. Moreover, you don’t need to concern about security, because level of security is superior and unbreakable. It is the best option for large businesses that receive lots of traffic and store confidential data.

For example, you are an owner of the bungalow and you get full responsibility to manage the same. Likewise, in dedicated hosting, you get full server to manage it independently. Here, you get two alternatives one is managed dedicated hosting and Un-managed dedicated hosting.


  • You have complete access to all settings and customization of the server.
  • Fast performance is assured and you get 100% outflow of the resources.
  • It is safe and secure because you get single server and you don’t need to worry about neighbour’s performance like shared hosting.
  • It improves the response time of website by handling the traffic effectively and eliminating server overloading issue.

 My Recommendation: MilesWeb

MilesWeb dedicated plan is a comprehensive line – up of hybrid dedicated servers in India and US datacenters suitable for basic entry level to high performance professional websites. You get option of Linux operating systems along with other customization and addon alternatives. All their dedicated servers are connected to a high – speed and redundant network. Check below plans of Dedicated hosting:

dedicated plan

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Features offered by MilesWeb:

  • Powerful servers
  • Host unlimited websites
  • Operating system
  • Control panel
  • SSH Root Access
  • Dedicated IP
  • Datacenter choice
  • Server management
  • Service level agreement
  • Hardware RAID
  • High performance
  • No set up fee or contract
  • 95% uptime

Contact their support team to know more about their dedicated plans as they are available 24*7*365 days through email, phone and chat.

Final Verdict:

It is necessary to study the hosting environment before buying the hosting for your personal and professional website. Hopefully, this article has given you the brief overview between VPS and Dedicated hosting along with the provider. Now, its your decision which hosting solution you choose and provider too.

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