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Using Simple Strategies For Increasing Social Media Traffic

Using Simple Strategies For Increasing Social Media Traffic

Thereare so many ways in which you can actually increase social media traffic. Butjust because a method works that does not mean it will turn out to be costeffective in nature. If you fail to get the right ROI, it will not make anykind of sense at all. There are high chances of you wasting time and moneywhile chasing some of the online strategies. Those might be your secret tacticswhich are not going to be that good, honestly speaking. Then the market hassome of the techniques, which are proven to be best. When you can do it right,they will increase the current social media traffic. They can further help inmeeting revenue goals. They will not burden you with the acquisition basedcosts, which are not sustainable. You just need such kind of idea. Now, let’sjust know how it works.

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Help straight from the Facebook traffic campaigns:

Are you finding it hard to get noticed on social media? If so, then it can prove to be straight out frustrating in nature. In case you do not have followers, no one gets to see the contents you are posting. In case no one sees it, the matter becomes hard to gain the kind of momentum you need with the followers for Instagram and more.

  • During such instances, social media traffic campaigns can prove to be the most sorted help you want. You can always spend months quite slowly which can increase impressions and even help you to gain a huge following base. However, always remember that time is money.
  • Getting that promising traffic now is important if you are actually attracting high quality traffic. That traffic will help in engaging and eve re-engaging.
  • This source comprises of higher percentage of people becoming followers, customers, subscribers or what kind of goal that might be for you.

Ways to use traffic campaigns for high quality social media traffic:

It is not hard to state that you need social media traffic for sure. Even the acquisition costs can prove out to be justifiable in case you can set the campaigns quite correctly. You can also try creating some of the highly targeted ads, which might do the talking for you. Some of the social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook can help you show the ads or even can boost posts to selected audience of your choice.

Time to determine the audience:

You have to start the job by considering the best targeted audience for you. In case you are part of the established business, you can use data as collected about current customers. You can also build either one or several buyer personas too.

  • Those will include goals, interests, buying behavior, challenges and even the basic demographics. It will further include education, age, income, gender and even location.
  • After that, you need to look for the options in Facebook. If you fail to find any specified trait, you can consider some of the other traits related to it.
  • There are so many options available over here and you can target the things accordingly and as per your needs. You can do that with political affiliation, ages of children or parenting style, industry, choice of entertainment, specified employer, health habits and so much more.
  • If you want, you can target the audience based on the upcoming events. The kind of event you re hosting will help you realize the type of person who might be interested to join it. Accordingly, you can target them to enhance the growth well.

Following these points will help you realize that the ad’s reach goes down as you try to become more selective. It will feel like losing potential traffic intentionally. You might always want to reach as many people as you can and with the right message. This is actually what targeting is all about.

If you are trying to reach way too many people who are not the right kind of audience means you are overspending on so many accidental clicks. People thought you to be something else. And so, they are never going to come back for a second round.

Trying to retarget the audiences:

Along with targeting using the FB data, you can also try using your very own data. For that, you can try using some customized audiences by just uploading the contact list. FB can always show the ad to contacts as vast majority of them are on this platform.

  • On the other hand, you can even ask FB to send ad to people who have already visited your page, following you or just liked any of your content or post.
  • Now you might be wondering why target those who are already following. The answer is simple. It will take around 7 to 13 touch points before anyone can invest in brand.
  • They are going to see you in searches and other locations, apart from social media.  These touch points can actually add quickly when you are planning to retarget the traffic.
  • A recent study from Adobe has clearly indicated that attracting traffic that is already visited can increase the current click-through by around 400% and it can also improve the revenue by 200%. In case you have one contact list then it might be an effective strategy for you.

Time to create some look alike:

With the help of the lookalike audiences, FB gets the chance to combine your current data with theirs. It will showcase the ads to those audiences with the similarities like that of the people on the said list. In case you are owner of premium quality contact list, the people right in your contact list will be the target. FB might be the one for you to help come across some more people as per your choice.

Theseare some of the simplistic strategies that you can ever follow whenever tryingto increase the social media traffic. For some more details you can log onlineand get educated easily.


Author bio:HarrisScott is all set to talk about the ways to gain followers for Instagram by using the social media traffic to its fullest potential.


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