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Use Short Codes To Target A Mobile Consumer Rather Than A Phone Number

Use Short Codes To Target A Mobile Consumer Rather Than A Phone Number

There are different apps that you will come across when you look for one but for all app sizes and verticals, one of the most significant metrics for the measurement its usability is the retention of users. Therefore, if you want your app to stack up, you will need to know this as well as all the other metrics.

Nowadays, in order to make the most of the digital world, more and more brands are exponentially inclined to make mobile marketing their mainstream advertising and marketing strategy. This is because more than 90% of the entire population of the world uses a smart phone which thereby can be the most useful and effective platform to start a conversation and ensure success to all customer relationship management programs.

Working with a partner

Having a partner in hand is the best way to use the short codes for your mobile marketing campaigns. Though there are a few companies that work directly with the wireless carriers to launch their own marketing campaigns, most of the brands usually rely on a specific partner for that matter.

  • With their proven expertise you will be sure to get what you want from your customers, the market as well as your short code text messaging efforts.
  • This partnership is also important in this matter because there is one challenge in mobile database management that needs to be handled proficiently. These partners will help you to effectively know as a marketer as to who your mobile consumers really are.
  • They will also make sure that all the short code programs comply with the code of conduct that is outlined in the Short Code Compliance Handbook.

However, standard text messaging still remains the gold standard in mobile marketing and customer engagement in spite the explosive growth in smart phones and its varied applications. The primary factor for this is that it is the simplest and easiest way to communicate with the mobile consumers.

Promising stats and facts

Using the short code for your marketing campaigns you can reach to a large number of audience, targeted and beyond. According to ABI Research reports it is estimated that more than ten trillion text messages will be sent to consumers all over the world by different brands in the coming years.

  • These text messages are more compelling for the mobile marketers. Following the recent survey reports of Hip cricket conducted on the mobile users it was found that about 57% of the respondents said that they would prefer and more interested in opting in for the loyalty club of the brand.
  • It is also found that nearly 80% of the survey respondents said that they have never been marketed to by nay of their favorite brands.
  • In addition to that, nearly 90% of the mobile users felt that by participating in a mobile loyalty club of their favorite brand have provided them with handsome return in value.

To summarize the research reports it can be said that, the immediacy and reach of short code text messaging when used as a marketing tool is unrivaled and unparalleled when it is compared with any other marketing efforts through any other mobile medium.

However, all these facts and statistical and analytical figures do not imply that SMS is the only way in which you can gain maximal mobile consumer engagement. Rather, you should consider it to be the most effective way to ensure that and at the same time establish and carry on with a two-way engagement with the mass audience through a mobile device.

Keep up with the changing world

Modern digital world is forever and fast changing and with this permission based mobile databases you can easily keep up with the pace. This will help you to build a large member base easily which is the best and most significant aspect of using short code text messaging as your mobile marketing tool.

However, when you try to create value through this database as a marketer with your consumers, you may find it really difficult at times. This is due to the fact that there is very limited information available at the time of opt-in or even at the time of following up interaction by text messaging.

  • Therefore, if you want to make this database fit well within your targeted marketing campaign, you will need to know the mobile user as well as his or her mobile number after all.
  • Apart from that, you should also know about the wireless carrier as well as the keyword that needs to be sent at the time of opt-in.

However, you will not need to know the whole lot of it to make your targeted marketing program a success. The only way to exploit the potential power of an SMS based opt-in database to the fullest, you must know more about each of the consumer somehow or the other. This will help you to market your brand and product effectively and successfully to the mobile user and not to the phone number.

When you can establish a connection with the mobile user and not a number, you will need to spend much less time or energy and effort in creating SMS based mobile databases. In turn, it will help you to gain important insights into the traditional demographics. All this will eventually help you to leverage the power and potential of the database created.

You can even increase the potential with these interactions even more by asking for some more demographic information from the consumers. However, you will need to do everything correctly because in most of the times adding demographic information is more likely to result in opt-outs from the mobile users. Once this happens, it will be highly impossible to get them to opt back.

The best way to do is to amend and amend using the latest techniques and advancements in data mining and data management. In fact, it is the valuable demographic information that will actually help you to append each mobile record of the mobile users.

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