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Tips to Create Mobile-Friendly Contents to Attract Readers

Tips to Create Mobile-Friendly Contents to Attract Readers

With the advancements in technology, a lot of things have changed. As of now, people prefer to access the internet through smartphones for gathering the latest information while traveling. If you are the website owner, you must have definitely implemented mobile-friendly responsive website design. But, as a majority of the readers are mobile users, implementing mobile-friendly design alone won’t be enough since the main focus should be on content that resonates with the mobile users. In this article, we have highlighted some tips to create mobile-friendly contents that will ultimately attract readers to visit your site regularly.

Waste No Time in Exaggerating the Content

Mobile users are always on the run and hence they wish to gain knowledge in the shortest possible time. Hence, it is best to avoid publishing longer contents since the users have limited display screen to access longer content. ‘Cut to chase’ is what mobile users prefer, which means that you should make your point clear from the beginning of your content. Make the topic obvious enough for the readers to figure out the topic at the beginning itself. Ideally, if they know what they can expect from your blog post, they will be tempted to read it. Do not forget to create an appropriate content structure to make it an interesting one.

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Write a Short and Crisp Attention-Grabbing Headline

You have to ensure that your content has a great impact on your readers. For this, you need to create a short yet meaningful headline, which resonates with your idea and matches the expectations of the readers. Formulate an engaging headline in five to six words and stick to that.

Include a Summary

Include a short summary at the top of the content. This will enable the readers to get a gist of what you would be talking about in the post. Avoid creating long summaries that might irk the users. Keep it short and to the point. Also, keep it comprehensive enough to help the readers understand what they might get to know after going through the post.

Use Proper Content Formatting

Focus on the appearance of the content before publishing. Check the font of the paragraphs, highlight the important points, add some quirky images that go with the post, break down the subtopics into smaller paragraphs for easy segregation and add proper headings and subheadings.

Optimize Videos and Images

As you know, images and videos are a great way to make the content more readable on mobile devices. Hence, optimizing the videos and images as per the users’ taste. Since the network connectivity fluctuates while traveling, make it a point to compress the videos and images so that they load faster. You can additionally implement mobile advertising by adding engaging images that promote your idea among the readers.

Implement a Single Column Template

Multiple columns look typically condensed on the mobile screens and are hence confusing to navigate. Single columns can simplify the design and spotlight your content.

Adjust the Font Size

A font size of 13 or 14 pixels makes the emails more readable on a small screen. You can use fonts larger than that as well because larger font size will make the emails easier to read in both mobile phones and desktops.

Make Your CTA Clear

Make your content idea clear and create valid points to support your idea. Once you have created awareness among the readers and provided them with good reasons to trust you, you need to take the opportunity to lure them towards the sales channel with the help of app store optimization. Make it visible enough for the users to click the button.

The behavior of the user’s changes depending on the device they use. While surfing the internet through desktop, they would not mind reading lengthy posts, but their reading desire changes when they use smartphones or tablets to access blog posts. Hence, it is very important to create contents with mobile users in mind and attract more readers.

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