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Protect Your Computer and Network by Installing Webroot Antivirus.

Protect Your Computer and Network by Installing Webroot Antivirus.

Webroot protects your devices within the internet network like PC, Mac, and mobile devices from the various type of threats such as worm, phishing, offline data theft, online and malware etc. Webroot subscription can be purchased or renewed by signing in to the Webroot website and its account online webroot.com/safe. In case of viruses or threats, you can save your computer data and may protect your data by installing Webroot Antivirus with the product key on your system.


You can manage your Webroot account which allows you to see your Webroot subscription online from anywhere. If you want to reinstall Webroot then you need to remove the any installed version of any antivirus first then you can redownload it from webroot.com/safe and then install on your system without the Webroot product key code. If you never used the Webroot SecureAnywhere product keycode then it will be required at the time of re-installation. The Webroot account can be accessed from your mobile devices as well if you have the internet connection.


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  • How do I install Webroot without CD?
  • Webroot download for Windows 10, how to do it?
  • How to do Webroot download free?
  • How can you protect your data by installing Webroot Antivirus with the product key?

There are a lot of queries which you may ask at the time of purchase it from the market or online. If you have any queries regarding Webroot Antivirus or regarding the download or install or re-install, then you may contact Webroot Support. Or you can directly visit webroot.com/safe and one of the executives will provide you the solution for your issue via chat, online or telephonic. We will guide you in how to protect your data by installing Webroot Antivirus with the product key.


  • Visit webroot.com/safe or webroot.com/register, by typing the URL at the top of the address bar.
  • Sign in to your Webroot account, if you do not have one then create a new account using your email id and password.
  • Now enter your Webroot keycode, which came along with the product.
  • You can find the product key in the mailbox of registered email id, in case of online purchase.
  • If you purchase from the retail store then you may find Webroot keycode on the backside of the Webroot keycode retails card.
  • Click install, to start the download and then Run the Webroot installation setup.
  • Follow the onscreen instructions to finish the Webroot setup installation.
  • Now it will start scanning all file and folder and protecting your system from the threats like malware, worm etc.


  • Open the web browser and in the address bar type in webroot.com/redownloads.
  • Enter your last name and email id which is associated with the Webroot account.
  • And now click Download Now, to start the download process.
  • Run the Webroot installation setup, when the download is finished.
  • Follow the instructions to complete the installation process.
  • Start scanning to protect your data by installing the Webroot Antivirus with the product key or without the product key.

This process will allow you to install, re-install, download or Redownload your Webroot Antivirus on your system from the linkĀ webroot.com/safe. To ask any query from our experts feel free to contact Webroot Support or webroot.com/safe, and our experts provide you with the best solution.



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