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Most Powerful Android Antivirus Apps?

Most powerful Android Antivirus Apps – Android Smartphone is the maximum used a device in this world where more than half a world is using it through phones and other devices. Now the recent Smartphone’s are having all those features and even more advanced than the computer. These Smartphone has now become an integral part of the humans. The reliability of human is on Smartphone’s is increasing in a very fast speed and this has a limitations too many people’s are suffering from different disease because of the excess use of this Smartphone’s and creating problems in their day to day life.

So, if the smartphone has become an integral part of our daily life and we have to be very cautious in terms of protecting it from various threats. This means we need to take extra care while protecting the Smartphones. The Android provides has an extra layer of security but still, the attackers find their ways and steal your data and valuable information from it. Now, we need to stop such malicious act, for this, we need a protection which is provided by the some of the best Security Application like Antivirus.

Feel free to contact the Webroot SecureAnywhere Support for the test Antivirus for your all devices. Please go to the official website at webroot.com/safe or contact the Webroot Support. Or look at the Top Rated Android Antivirus Apps in terms of their performance and powerful features.



The best and Top Rated Android Antivirus Apps on which we can trust to is the Avast Antivirus for the Android always on Top because it provides best security features as compare to others and it’s very easy to use.

Features of the Avast Antivirus are as follows:

  • Firstly, this application is freely available for the millions of Android users.
  • One Click mode helps us to remove the virus, malware, and worm.
  • It blocks ads and does provide app blocking facility.
  • Its additional features include Call blocking and Anti-theft.
  • The Avast Antivirus also provides a strong firewall that not allows any threat to come in.


Another brand name of the best Antivirus Software for the Android phone is Norton; the Norton is also one of the Top Rated Android Security Antivirus Apps. You can check out the different Norton Products by visiting  www.norton.com/setup

  • It provides you a trial application with the full feature available for 30 days in which you can check it and use it and can decide you want to go with it or not. This Norton free trial offers is valid for 30-days. After that, you need to purchase the subscription by visiting norton.com/setup.
  • It scans and secure and removes Apps that have malware, virus, and spyware in your Android phone.
  • It does lock your application and device which are infected.
  • It has a “callback” alarm to find your missing phone.
  • Blocks suspicious calls.


The Mcafee is the best in terms of Antivirus and one of the Top Rated Android Antivirus Apps when it comes to secure your device along with the enhancement of device productivity. You can purchase a McAfee subscription by visiting mcafee.com/activate.

  • It is a totally free application available in the market for all Android users (Android 4.1 and above).
  • In case, you misplace your phone, you can find it by using the McAfee Track.
  • Its optimizing features are like Battery Saving, Mobile Booster, and Storage Cleaner.
  • The McAfee also block the malware and phishing website and links.
  • Mobile Antivirus Scan: Finds and removes infections.
  • So, feel free to contact the webroot.com/safe or mcafee.com/activate.


Kaspersky is also a Top Rated Android Antivirus Apps. It is a free application, ready to install on your computer whenever you want. Below listed are some great features of the Kaspersky for your Android device protection.

  • Running check – scans for viruses, spyware, and worms.
  • Antivirus Shield – acts as a shield for your phone for virus cleaner & automatically blocks malware from phones & tablets
  • Apps Lock – it allows you to put a password on your favorite apps
  • Phone lookup – tracks & finds your Android phone or tablet if it’s lost or stolen
  • Anti-Data theft – protects vulnerable personal information from prying eyes
  • Anti-Phishing – keeps your phone safe from the phishing websites.
  • Call Restrict – Block unwanted phone calls and text/spam messages
  • Web sorter and filter – sort and filters out dangerous websites while surfing.

If you need any support for Kaspersky Antivirus, simply uninstall and reinstall the application for the resolution.


The Webroot comes with two features means you can have a free version as well as the paid version for their Android phones. If you wish to have a paid software in your device you need visit webroot.com/safe download and check the desired product.

  • Protect your IP (Internet Protocol) address while using the Social Media like Facebook and Twitter.
  • Automatically scan your phone from virus and malware and alert you when anything risky appears on your device.
  • Blocks the unwanted calls.
  • Real-time anti-phishing identifies and blocks fake websites that trick you into entering your personal information

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