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Magic Mouse Disconnection Problem

Magic Mouse Disconnection Problem: Magic Mouse and the Magic Mouse 2 are one of the Mac additives in which users are going through ordinary problems. Users of Magic Mouse are going thru various troubles like irregular Bluetooth connection, quick battery lifestyles and strange functioning whilst a few Magic Mouse 2 customers are not able to price the mouse while the use of it.

Magic Mouse is an older variation of mouse and runs via detachable batteries. However, Magic Mouse 2 runs on non-detachable ion-lithium batteries. Although, if you keep both the Mouse collectively it’s miles tough to differentiate among them, the main distinction is visible most effective when you turn the mouse upside down and test the battery slot.  As Magic Mouse has a detachable battery slot to exchange the batteries whilst dead.

How to clear up Bluetooth Disconnecting on Magic Mouse

Sometimes even as the usage of the mouse, you may bump your mouse unintentionally into your keyboard, and unexpectedly it stops to function, or you face a Bluetooth connectivity issue. Well, the primary motive behind it may be a loose battery connection.

According to a number of the Mac customers, the battery slot of Magic Mouse is flawed as the slot isn’t always compact sufficient to maintain the batteries in the equal location. Due to this technical flaw, a small bump or a drop of the mouse causes reduce in strength supply, and due to no strength, the Bluetooth connection is lost. What you could do is shake it a little to the area the batteries lower back in function, however, it is still not a permanent answer.

To clear up this difficulty completely observe this clean method to repair your Magic Mouse. This received painting on Magic Mouse 2 as it has no detachable battery slot.

  1. Remove the back cowl of the Magic Mouse and take out the batteries from it.
  2. Take a bit of aluminum foil of approximately a half-inch in length.
  3. Now, at the terrible terminal of your Magic Mouse, wrap the foil.
  4. and ultimately vicinity the AA batteries lower back in the Magic Mouse.

As the Aluminum foil is a good conductor of the electrical fee, it’s going to fill the more hole gift between the batteries and the slot, with the intention to stop the batteries from getting lose on experiencing any jerk or shake.

The Recharging issue of Magic Mouse2

Magic Mouse 2 is the brand new version of Magic Mouse. As compared to its predecessor, Magic Mouse 2 has a chargeable Li-ion battery which allows the person to cast off stocking AA batteries for the usage of the Mouse.

But because the user of Magic Mouse 2 does no longer require AA batteries to apply their Mouse, they nonetheless should use a charging cable to maintain their mouse running. The important difficulty lies right here is that the charging slot is placed on the again facet of the mouse which prevents the user from the usage of the mouse at the same time as charging it.

Still, if you are not in a pressing state of affairs and are comfy in taking a two-minute break, you may quick take away this problem. Magic Mouse 2 can collect enough electricity in 60 seconds to run the mouse for one hour, and if you have sufficient time to spare mins to feed it, then the Magic Mouse 2 can run for 9 hours. Apple claims that Magic Mouse 2 can run for one month if it has a totally charged battery. So in case you spare an hour to fee the battery to complete, you may now not require charging it for a month.



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