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Issues on your computer caused by Webroot and its troubleshooting

Issues on your computer caused by Webroot and its troubleshooting

Troubleshooting issues with computer caused by the incomplete Webroot installation – Webroot SecureAnywhere are made to be user-friendly with its Graphical User Interface by the Webroot designers. Along with protecting the user from various threats like malware, worm, online and offline, Webroot also has a convenient and easy to reach support system. But there are times when you may face conflict and errors and troubles by the incomplete installation.


These issues are sometimes due to a technical glitch or lack of proper knowledge about the product or when you leave the installation in between without finishing. If you feel like your Webroot is not working as it is supposed to then go and try these troubleshooting methods to fix the issue.


If you are facing an issue and you do not know the cause, to narrow down the root cause of your problem, you must try this method. Try shutting down the Webroot application and check whether the error is fixed or not. To shut down Webroot, follow these steps.

  • At the bottom-right corner of your computer screen, right-click on the Webroot icon near the laptop battery icon.
  • In the appearing window menu that appears, choose Shut down protection in it.
  • If asked for the confirmation screen regarding the shutdown, click Yes.
  • Type the CAPTCHA carefully to shut down the Webroot SecureAnywhere
  • After you shut down the Webroot, you need to check whether the error is still there or not.

If Computer still got some issue, another method to resolve the issues must be taken into consideration to solve the caused by Webroot.

Also, Check:


If there is an issue with a specific application within your computer files. Then you must check whether the Webroot SecureAnywhere has blocked it from working. Webroot sometimes blocks suspicious and threatening files which leads to errors.

Follow these steps to check the files blocked by Webroot and restore them.

  • Open your Webroot application.
  • Click on PC Security to check the details of the previous scan.
  • Now, click on the Quarantine tab.
  • If the Quarantine display is red then the possible threats are not been scanned.
  • Else, the Quarantine display is green then the threat files have been discovered.
  • You can delete or restore these files at your own risk.

Note: Webroot blocks potential or detected threats from your device, if restore files from the Webroot Quarantine files, make sure these are important for you. Otherwise, you may risk the security of your device.

After restoring the files, check whether the issues are fixed or not. If not then go on and try the next method.


If you have tried all the methods to troubleshoot issues within your computer caused by Webroot SecureAnywhere. But the issue is still there then remove the Webroot software from your system. To uninstall or to remove Webroot SecureAnywhere, follow these steps.

  • Click on the Start button of your computer, depending on the Operating System version you are using.
  • Go to the Control Panel and choose Programs.
  • On the left menu panel, choose to Uninstall a Program.
  • From the list of installed software, navigate to the Webroot.
  • Right-click on Webroot SecureAnywhere and choose to uninstall.
  • The uninstall wizard will appear asking for permission to remove the software.
  • Follow the instruction to uninstall Webroot SecureAnywhere.

Check whether the issue with your computer is fixed or not. Try the next method if the problem is still there.


If none of the above-mentioned methods are not working for you, and the issues on your computer caused by Webroot SecureAnywhere are still there. Then you need a technical support center from a skilled technician. To access the service of technical support, call us at the toll-free number. This service is 24/7 available, you can call now.

Why risk your device when you fix all your issue with just one call. The technical support we provide is positively reviewed by our customers.

Troubleshoot issues computer caused Webroot and Webroot com safe at www.Webroot.com/Safe.


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