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How to off your personal Location in Mobile Gadgets

How to off your personal Location in Mobile Gadgets: Both Android and iOS devices have a feature for disabling the Location Services, which permit your gadgets to connect in which is your precise location. Not only on your devices has it also helped many other applications additionally to get the location of your area, For instance, when to your posts on Facebook or making use of Google Maps while you visit tour.

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The below steps are used to disable location on Android and iOS:

  1. In Android Gadgets:
  • Open Settings.

On the display screen, you will see an application with the gear icon. Press to open your Android’s gadget settings.

  • Click Permissions.

Press the permission to access your location.

  • Press Location.

Go down to the Settings display and press on location. 

  • Enable Location.

Under the location display there are three options, “Location Settings, and turn off GPS satellites”.

  • Permit Notifications.

You can select to allow the application to access your location.

  • To turn off geo-tagging of pictures. Start the digital camera and press on the tools icon after this setup location to “No”. On some display layers, you have to press the equipment icon.
  • Select how correctly you want your place to describe with area services enabling.
  • Provide makes use of more battery, correctness and pace, the very best region accuracy which uses GPS, WIFI, and cellular networks.
  • Use of Wifi and cell networks are in battery saving mode. When you pick out this mode, then the accuracy has to be more perfect.
  • A gadget offers much less correct region information, and the simplest mode utilizes best GPS and utilizes a greater battery as compared to battery saving mode. For customers is it safe to use location as it’s miles included already.
  • To flip off region history, click on Google settings, then location, after this press Location History. For your Google account, you could disable Location History. All the history can be eliminated.
  1. In iOS Gadgets:
  • Click Settings.

It is a grey cog icon in your Home display, seen as an application or in a folder which was name is “Utilities”.

  • Press Privacy.

Go to the third group of options.

  • Press Location Services

Choose the location services.

  • Disable it.

Go to the green icon on the left. It will change into grey. Your iOS will not be able to share your location with any of your applications.

Alternatively, you can select which applications and functions to permit your location.

  • To turn off geo-tagging of pictures

Refuse location access permission to the camera, in Location Services.

  • To turn off location history.

Open Settings, click system services, then press repeated Locations. By sliding the button deselect replicated Locations.


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