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Hacked – Webroot SecureAnywhere do have Solutions.

Solutions Tips After Being Hacked – Hacked means your personal and professional information along with your financial information is being compromised. If you are hacked then the hacker can visit your social media account and will send the malware and ransomware to your friend list by pretending it’s you. If you are hacked then you need to control the damage done by the hacker by using the Webroot SecureAnywhere. In this blog, we will discuss on the tip on what to do after you are been hacked.


Change all security code immediately: including password and bank pins.

The first urgent thing you need to do is change passwords of all your accounts. If any of your account has been hacked then there are many possibilities of other accounts hacked also. In this situation, you need to change all the password. The new password has to be very very strong with the combination of alphabets, numeric and symbols.

In this case, you need to create long passwords with different combinations so the hacker will not be an easy to hack them again or decode it. Use a password toll provided by the Webroot Password Manager to protect your computer from further hacking conditions. If you did not find the password manager in your Webroot application, then you can ask for it from the Webroot Support Team which is 24 hrs available on webroot.com/safe

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Two-Step Authentication is the best options under these conditions. It is an extra security layer for all your accounts including banking, social media and emails. It is must required feature which you have to enable it. If you have enable this feature for all of your accounts then in such case an OTP will be send to your registered mobile, emails for further verification, which you need to confirm for doing any transaction.


In order to make it more secure and you do not want any kind of hacking activity in your account then you have to make sure that all the software of your computer and windows has to be updated always, if it is not that make sure you do this manually at least twice in a week and install it. For better results on update make sure you Enables the automatic update feature, so that the system install the updates automatically as soon as available.


In case your computer system is new and you are not having any antivirus software yet. In this case, you need to install any good antivirus software that is available on the market. Antivirus software always protects your computer from online threats, while surfing, browsing etc it also blocks the phishing and malicious websites and prevents viruses to enter into your system. You can use any of the antivirus available in the market like Webroot, Norton or McAfee etc at webroot.com/safe, Norton.com/setup, mcafee.com/activate. You can download and install Webroot from the link webroot.com/safe. The best protection to your digital life.

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