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File Sharing and Downloading Threats

Sharing file, include viruses during download

The Internet is having all those which we want into our computer system, starting from the music files to other document files, articles and much more. But anything free always comes with a big cost. It makes your computer infected with spyware. Some links are always on the internet which makes you download the malware without your knowledge. So, downloading such file always put in a risk to have a spyware in your computer, as a result, identity theft and potential loss of money and data and below mentioned are the lies.

  • Look for the file which you want to begin downloading.
  • Text files such as blog and articles.
  • MP3 music files and other mobile ringtones.
  • Video files.
  • Small Icons such as emoticons.
  • Screensavers, wallpaper and more.
  • Spyware with the downloaded file.
  • Secretly and without your knowledge.
  • Spyware itself downloaded at the background and begins running in the background.
  • It Monitoring your computer activities
  • Collecting your personal information
  • Bombarding you with pop-ups
  • Altering files and causing computer crashes.

Practice safe file sharing.

Without the computer security software, it is impossible that we do file sharing without the risk of malware or virus. There are lots of spyware-free freeware which offer free sharing but it is very difficult to investigate every free program to distinguish between the good and bad. Take steps always put your security on risk.

  • If any website asks you anything before sharing, just avoid it.
  • Download software only from the trusted websites.
  • The sharing of your files such as (photos, music, videos or games) may contain malicious programs.
  • Update your operating system regularly
  • Increase your browser security settings
  • Make sure that you have the webroot.com/safe security software products installed on your PC:
  • Use antivirus protection and a firewall

Stay safe online

Always prefer webroot.com/safe website for downloading any Antivirus Software, for the protection of your computer from different threats like malware and viruses.

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