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Computer Virus Names That Took The World By Storm

Computer Virus Names That Took The World By Storm

Having a computer or laptop has become mandatory in every Indian urban home. And you want it to be in perfect working condition at all times, all conditions. With a computer, you can work from home as a freelancer. All said and done, can a computer be in perfect working condition? You bet. There are viruses, trojans and other malware to make your computer crash. They can also steal confidential data without your knowledge. In this article, we focus on computer virus names that took the world by storm.

Computer Virus Meaning

Before going further into the article, let us first decide what a computer virus means. In short words, it is best described as a piece of code or faulty computer program. And the biggest advantage, this piece of unwanted code gets to your computer. Devoid of your knowledge. It runs programs and does activities without getting your permission.

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There is one biggest disadvantage of viruses. They can multiply in large numbers and spread from one computer to another device. The places it affects – data files as well the hard drive.

How Do You Get Any Type of Computer Virus in Your Device?

There are many situations how the computer virus entered your device. To be honest, it is a small inconvenience and you need to do a simple clean-up. Installing an antivirus software can solve the problem many a time. Yet, in some cases, there are some viruses which can completely crash your computer. You get information about computer virus names which caused damage. In the tune of millions of dollars.

Types of Computer Virus Names You Should Know

The below-mentioned list consists of computer virus names which shook the business world.

  1. I Love You

The name speaks about love, but it created a worldwide disaster on computers around the world. The estimated damage is 10 billion dollars. And for every 100 computers connected to the internet, ten percent got affected. In this situation, even national governments, did not respond to any of the emails. In fact, they shut off their mail system to avoid infection.

The creators of this virus were Onel de Guzman and Reonel Ramones. They followed the old tactic. Both used the social engineering option to make the innocent public click on their attachment. They had devised the plan in a beautiful manner. The Love confession script will hide the original extension. The virus will then get to the mailing list of the users. Then the files will get overwritten. Your computer will become unbootable. Such a loss they did to the entire world. But will you believe, that they had no charges pressed against them? The reason, at that time, there were no stringent laws about malware. It was this situation that led to the E-Commerce law for addressing these types of problems. This is one of the computer virus names that took the world by storm in the last decade.

  1. Code Red

This is not a virus but a worm. It first got discovered in 2001. It was first traced by two employees of the eEye Digital Security. They were sipping Code Red Mountain Dew. Now, you know the source of the name. This worm used to target only computers which have an installation of Microsoft IIS web servers. It exploited a buffer overflow problem. Disadvantage – It had the ability to run on memory, and can leave very little trace on the hard disk. In the place, it can duplicate into 100 copies. The result, it affected the IP addresses including the White House (USA). On the web pages which got affected, you can get the message  – Hacked by Chinese. Just imagine the loss. There were only 6 to 7 million IIS servers and nearly 1 to 2 million got affected. Another of the computer virus names that took the world by storm when it comes to malware.

  1. Melissa

It is hard to believe, but a computer expert causes the macro virus. The name is David L Smith. The post (post document) was on the alt.sex Usenet group, and the bait was passwords for adult websites. The curious persons downloaded and opened the file. Then the disaster struck. The virus will open the mailbox of the downloader and send mail to the 50 persons in the email address book of the user. Now, imagine, if all around the world, emails got sent to every 50 users. The traffic increased, and the email services of big corporations/Governments got disrupted.

computer virus names

But the end of the story is sweet. Smith got arrested within a week. But being a tech geek, he cooperated with FBI in tracing other virus designers. Example – the creator of Anna Kournikova virus. His virus caused nearly 80 million in damages. So, he paid only a sum of 5000 dollars as fine and served only twenty months behind the bars. Melissa is the third among the computer virus names that took the world by storm.

  1. Sasser

Best named as a Windows worm when it affected the world computers in 2004, the designer was Sven Jaschan. He also deserves credit for also the Netsky worm. This worm slowed down the computer and the result was an entire crash. The disadvantage – infrastructure got affected. He had written the code with such precision that it can spread to other computer machines via the internet.

At that time, all the online critical infrastructures of public transport, hospitals, news agencies, and airlines got infected. The loss was 18 billion. Since Jaschan was a minor, he received a small sentence for 21 months. One of the computer virus names that took the world by storm and you have to believe, he was a school student.

  1. Zeus

No, we are not talking about the Greek God. This Trojan horse, in the device, can make the Windows OS perform many unwanted tasks. Most prominent – form grabbing and man-in-the-browser keylogging. The majority of computers got the problem because of phishing scams. When Zeus first came to limelight in 2009, thousands of FTP accounts got compromised. Even E-Commerce giants such as Cisco, Amazon got affected. So, the login credentials of social media got stolen with ease. And banking account got compromised.

Conmen from around the globe participated in the stealing process. They got the cash transferred to the ringleaders. 100 persons got convicted. In 2013, Hamza considered the mastermind behind the Trojan horse got arrested. One of the computer virus names that shook the computer world, but had a Greek God Name.

  1. Conflicker

There are other names of this worm. To be precise, the names are Downadup, Downup. It was first discovered in 2008 and affected Windows computers. In all, this malware affected nearly nine million computers in the entire globe. Every computer right from the individual household, businesses, and Governments got affected. The total damages came to 9 billion.

The malware made use of the vulnerability of Windows. It had the capability to deactivate services, block updates to antivirus sites and lock out user accounts. Now, it used the computer to steal money from the user. Yes, Microsoft came up with an update to ward off the virus.

  1. Stuxnet

It may be a myth. But as per the records,  the design of this virus was from Israeli and American Governments.  This virus was created for Cyberwarfare. To cause obstacles to Iran. As per a survey, this virus affected nearly sixty percent of the computers in Iran.

This worm was designed to attack computers which allowed automation to take place. It caused alterations in the speed of machinery.

  1. Mydoom

This worm first got discovered in 2004. And similar to ILOVEYOU became one of the fast-spreading email disasters. But it had one text message – starting with Andy and ending with Sorry. It first appeared as an email transmission error. And then caused disaster activities. All in all, the damage caused was $38.5 billion. It is rumored that the worm is still in some form or other in present times.

  1. CryptoLocker

A Trojan Horse, in reality, this malware also targeted Windows OS computers. Spreading was the main task. It first comes in the mail and will then proceed to infect files on hard drive. The files become encrypted. You have to pay a ransom, and if the amount does not get paid by the deadline, the price will increase. Usually, the amount has to be paid in bitcoins or cash.

The ringleader, Evgeniy Bogachev was finally arrested. And the encryption keys were sent to the affected computers to get them in the normal mode.

  1. Flashback

The name reminds you of plots in many movies. But it can be hailed as one of the few Mac malware that showed that Mac OS is also immune to virus attacks. First seen in 2011, it infected 600,000 Macs. Now, it is long gone in the pages of history.

Computer Virus Names That Took The World by Storm


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