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Artificial Intelligence in Information Technology

Artificial Intelligence in Information Technology

Are you one who keeps regular update on the recent trend in technology? Then you must know the recent technological updates are regarding machine learning, artificial intelligence, and deep learning. In this article, let us focus on the changes that will be brought over by Artificial Intelligence in Information Technology. But, let us go into the changes step by step.

History of Computers and Artificial Intelligence

Imagine the manual tasks done five decades ago. If a single digit missed in the transactions of the year, then the accounts assistant has to sit for many hours to fix the error. When computers made an appearance, then the error got fixed in short time. But the general public was wary of the new technology. They thought that computers can steal their manual jobs. Now, you can find a computer and laptop in every Indian home and office.

Recent Times

Just for a moment, visualize. The conditions favorable for artificial intelligence. Will it need more technology advancement from the existing software application? Yes, it needs. But it will not be limited to hardware. Usually, the general public thinks of artificial intelligence as a large storage box of servers, software applications, and infrastructure.

But the fact is that Artificial Intelligence does not exist in a large infrastructure company housing thousands of employees. Yes, there will be offices, and a office with few employees may have a connection with software application engineers in various corners of the world. And with cloud technology coming to the fore, the huge amount of data is safe in the cloud platform. The entry and usage of data involve the use of algorithms. And artificial intelligence is so advanced that it does not need a human for support. There are some applications specially designed with the help of deep learning artificial neural networks. These applications can outsmart a human brain.

Are the General Public (who are not software engineers) afraid of Artificial Intelligence?

Yes, many have the fear that artificial intelligence in information technology can make them lose their manual jobs. But this technology is still in its nascent stage. So, let us look into innovation of artificial intelligence in other industry sectors.


Artificial Intelligence has already replaced low-level jobs in countries such as Japan. Yes, automation as well artificial intelligence can make some jobs disappear forever. A survey indicates that the US alone stands to lose 22 million jobs in the next decade. For some jobs, the workers will not get eliminated, but move to other reassigned roles. Let us take a situation of a software programmer, by name, Akash in Bangalore.

Akash works in a company dealing with home care services in Hyderabad. He is in the customer care team which takes care of calls and payments. Now, the company management has thought of implementing AI chatbot in its customer care service. So, a bot will answer the simple queries, and only when faced with a complex question, a human will intervene. The role of Akash will be limited to that of a facilitator who will attend only complex calls.

Another Case Study

Software testing is done for every application before it is introduced into the market. Now, a human can err in his checking of the software application. Let us imagine that there is a software application called as A which can modify images. Now, the software testing team has checked every possible way to make the application foolproof. But in the market, the general public find that yellow color does not get dim when working in the Linux mint platform. The software testing engineer has failed to perform this test. An AI tool rarely does errors, because it has been designed to do a specific task.

What are the types of jobs involved in Information Technology industry?

The jobs are many. For example, chief information officers, analysts, administrators, designers and consultants. You also have the programmers, technicians, engineers, developers. Oh, did we forget the support engineers?

Artificial Intelligence in Information Technology – Security

The best use of Artificial Intelligence in Information technology is in the space of cyber defense. When used to its limit, it can prevent, detect and provide apt responses for threats or attacks to information and infrastructure. If you want more information on companies who are using AI to prevent frauds, check for Darktrace and DeepInstinct.


One million dollars get stolen every day in the globe, due to identity theft. Yes, they may be of different types. For example, phishing, stealing of PIN information in credit card and debit card etc. Now, where does AI come into the picture in this digital sort of payment?

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Imagine you have a credit card. You have given to your mother. The card gets stolen and the thief withdraws the money as he has cracked your PIN. Your mother does not know that the card has been stolen. Now, the thief has also cleverly changed the notification procedure so that you do not get alerts. But AI software application, detects the unusual purchases and sends an alert to the bank executive. The bank official makes a call and that is when you notice the card has got stolen. You request the bank customer care to stop the transactions. If the AI has not sent the alert, then the money is gone. Forever.

Company Productivity

When AI is mixed with automation, it can help the company have perfect data on customer preferences and the sales of a product. AI can help improve customer engagement and management of campaigns.

Company Productivity

Have you ever searched on Amazon to buy a certain product? You will get recommendations. The same type of experience happens on Facebook. Now, both the platforms use AI in the form of automation to enhance the user experience.

The application uses methods and scripts to automate human tasks for corporate processes. For example, Adext AI can automate processes of digital advertisement to save productive hours of employees from repetitive tasks.


Have you read the article?  Artificial Intelligence is a part of Information Technology, no doubt. And we have dealt with some changes that will happen when this technology, (in its nascent stages) develops into more advanced level.


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