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A Broad Look at the Scope of Animation

A Broad Look at the Scope of Animation

Animation has evolved hugely over the years. It has brought transformation in the way marketers delivered information and brought potential leads to their domain in the world of digital marketing. Years back, animation was not more than a source of entertainment. It was used to spread the stories of fairies or superheroes if you go towards the comic section. However, as the technology evolved, people begin to discover greater outcomes of using animation.

Now animation is seen almost everywhere. It can be found in a form of small visualization in GIF’s or in full-fledged websites to guide viewers towards the path of placing the order. If you want to talk about its larger scope, you can see how the explainer videos are spreading gems of information in many online stores and in several e-commerce websites.

The explainer videos assist marketers and business owners in explaining the complex procedures of using the products. It helps in drawing the attention of target customers closer to the fold without much hassle. There are several different kinds of explainer videos, which marketers are currently using in their branding campaigns.

2D/ 3D Videos

The 2D/3D videos are some of the best animated videos. This category is used only for delivering information of high value. If you want to throw a high profile outlook of your brand, you can get its story created in these three-dimensional or two-dimensional frames. This is one of the most expensive categories of animated videos.

Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard animation spreads the creative flair using two of the most appealing shades of color- white and black. The entire story is portrayed using these two colors. A hand is shown which creates the entire content. The pictures, characters and each one of the element do not have any sleek lines or fine edges as the video depict hand-drawn images; so it’s kind of rough. That’s what holds the most appeal.

Stop-Motion Animation/ Video Scribing

These are the not so common types as it requires a great deal of efforts to create such videos. So, people prefer the easy way out and count on the above three categories. However, these two kinds too fall in the list of best animated videos.

The Significance of an Animated Video

An Animated video is more like a treasure of outcomes. There are two advantages of a video one is that it is a video and second is that it has the best form of visual representation of information. So by having an animated video in your branding campaign, you can take your brand recognition to sky heights. Your videos will get viral and reach out to users you never thought of interacting with.

An animated video can accelerate your revenue generation. It can boost your online visibility and can bring more traffic to your site. The effective video content makes it’s easier to convert a prospective customer into a potential lead and eventually into a valued customer.

Moreover, when it comes to an e-commerce store, you can introduce the new line of products to your customers. You can teach them the use and create an urge to purchase your products. With explainer videos, you can build a strong relationship with your customers who on the other hand consider such entities more reliable and trustable. You get to show your elevated standards to your customers and can depict the level of unmatched professionalism.

Things to Consider

Everything comes with some dos and don’ts, which you as a creator must follow. If you want to bring the best outcomes from your animation, you need to have a clear scope of your video. You must sketch a strategy comprising of goals you can achieve through your videos.

Moreover, do add a strong call to action in your content to give a sort of gateway to the customers to navigate to your site. You should add valuable information and create the most accurate storyboard. Remember your storyboard is important as the motion graphics are added on the drawings you sketch. Furthermore, try avoiding too complicated graphics. You must stick to adopting a minimalist approach.

You should focus on adding detailing in your animation from the way a character makes the postures to expression over different situations. Though you can add exaggeration in your creation. But keep the movement according to the principle of science. You must know the boundaries and limitations. The last thing is to be more careful when adding colors. The right selection can double the effectiveness.

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