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4 Ways to Master Dropbox –Webroot.com/safe

Most of the People often think that Dropbox is a basic and simple cloud storage service. Many of us are unaware of the fact that Dropbox is capable of more than just storing and sharing files and folders. It comes with a number of features that you may not know. If you want to make the best out of Dropbox, then check out these tips and tricks.

1- Selective Sync

If you want to store archives and documents in your Dropbox for the web, at that point you might need to dispose of a portion of the messiness on your system. In the event that you are running low on hard plate space, you can utilize Selective Sync to expel the records that are not required from the system. These records will be available in the Dropbox site account, however, they will get removed from your PC.

2- Easy File Sharing

Sharing records from the PC’s Dropbox organizer is very simple. Without flaw tap on the record, and the setting menu will offer various choices, for example, Share, Copy Dropbox connect, View Comments, and so forth. Select the Share alternative and after that enter in the email ID to which you need to send the archive interface. Or the consequences will be severe, simply select the alternative called “Duplicate Dropbox connection,” and after that, you can impart the connection to anybody you need.

3- Dropbox for Gmail

Since you can’t send email connections over 25MB, there’s a workaround for it. You can utilize Dropbox to incorporate the connection into an email. Simply get the Dropbox for Gmail to include one. Presently, while making a message for anybody, you will have the capacity to interface the connection spared in your Dropbox. Simply tap on the blue Dropbox symbol and select the document you need to send.

4- Screenshot Sharing

You can store the screen captures gone up against your PC in your Dropbox account. In addition, you can share these screen captures from your Mac or Windows PC. Simply catch a screen capture and spare it to the Dropbox. When you go to the Dropbox settings, you will discover the choice to share screen captures utilizing Dropbox. Check the choice and tap on OK.


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